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Ultra violet sensors based on nanostructured ZnO spheres in network of nanowires: a novel approach

  • SS Hullavarad1Email author,
  • NV Hullavarad1,
  • PC Karulkar1,
  • A Luykx2 and
  • P Valdivia2
Nanoscale Research Letters20072:161

DOI: 10.1007/s11671-007-9048-6

Received: 3 December 2006

Accepted: 9 February 2007

Published: 3 March 2007


The ZnO nanostructures consisting of micro spheres in a network of nano wires were synthesized by direct vapor phase method. X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy measurements were carried out to understand the chemical nature of the sample. ZnO nanostructures exhibited band edge luminescence at 383 nm. The nanostructure based ZnO thin films were used to fabricate UV sensors. The photoresponse measurements were carried out and the responsivity was measured to be 50 mA W−1. The rise and decay time measurements were also measured.


UV Sensor Nano structures Micro-spheres Nanowire network Rise/Decay time Photoresponse Photoluminescence




SSH is thankful to Dr. Diane Pugel and Dr. R.D. Vispute for fruitful discussions. Authors would like to acknowledge the support from Defense Micro Electronic Agency (DMEA) at University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Authors’ Affiliations

Office of Electronic Miniaturization, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Center for Superconductivity Research, University of Maryland


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