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Evolution of wetting layer in InAs/GaAs quantum dot system

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For InAs/GaAs quantum dot system, the evolution of the wetting layer (WL) with the InAs deposition thickness has been studied by reflectance difference spectroscopy (RDS). Two transitions related to the heavy- and light-hole in the WL have been distinguished in RD spectra. Taking into account the strain and segregation effects, a model has been presented to deduce the InAs amount in the WL and the segregation coefficient of the indium atoms from the transition energies of heavy- and light-holes. The variation of the InAs amount in the WL and the segregation coefficient are found to rely closely on the growth modes. In addition, the huge dots also exhibits a strong effect on the evolution of the WL. The observed linear dependence of In segregation coefficient upon the InAs amount in the WL demonstrates that the segregation is enhanced by the strain in the WL.



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The work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 60390074 and 60576062).

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Correspondence to Y.H. Chen.

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