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Temperature dependent optical properties of single, hierarchically self-assembled GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots

Nanoscale Research Letters20061:172

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We report on the experimental observation of bright photoluminescence emission at room temperature from single unstrained GaAs quantum dots (QDs). The linewidth of a single-QD ground-state emission (≈ 8.5 meV) is comparable to the ensemble inhomogeneous broadening (≈ 12.4 meV). At low temperature (T ≤ 40 K) photon correlation measurements under continuous wave excitation show nearly perfect single-photon emission from a single GaAs QD and reveal the single photon nature of the emitted light up to 77 K. The QD emission energies, homogeneous linewidths and the thermally activated behavior as a function of temperature are discussed.


  • GaAs quantum dots
  • Hierarchical selfassembly
  • Single dot spectroscopy
  • Room temperature luminescence
  • Photon correlation
  • 42.50.Ar
  • 78.55.Cr
  • 78.67.Hc




The authors would like to thank J. Kuhl for helpful discussions and K. v. Klitzing for his interest and support. This work was financially supported by the BMBF (01BM459), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (Research group:Positioning of single nanostructures-single quantum devices), and DFG (Quantum Optics in Semiconductor Nanostructures research group).

Authors’ Affiliations

Max-Planck-Institut für Festkörperforschung, Heisenbergstrasse 1, D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany
5. Physikalisches Institut, Universität Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 57, D-70550, Stuttgart, Germany


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