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Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties ofβ-MnO 2 nanorods


We present synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of structurally well-ordered single-crystalline β-MnO2nanorods of 50–100 nm diameter and several µm length. Thorough structural characterization shows that the basic β-MnO2material is covered by a thin surface layer (2.5 nm) of α-Mn2O3phase with a reduced Mn valence that adds its own magnetic signal to the total magnetization of the β-MnO2nanorods. The relatively complicated temperature-dependent magnetism of the nanorods can be explained in terms of a superposition of bulk magnetic properties of spatially segregated β-MnO2and α-Mn2O3constituent phases and the soft ferromagnetism of the thin interface layer between these two phases.



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This work was supported by the Frontier Research Laboratory Program at the Korea Basic Science Institute.

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