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Self-assembly of micelles into designed networks

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The EO20PO70EO20(molecular weight 5800) amphiphile as a template is to form dispersed micelle structures. Silver nanoparticles, as inorganic precursors synthesized by a laser ablation method in pure water, are able to produce the highly ordered vesicles detected by TEM micrography. The thickness of the outer layer of a micelle, formed by the silver nanoparticles interacting preferentially with the more hydrophilic EO20block, was around 3.5 nm. The vesicular structure ensembled from micelles is due to proceeding to the mixture of cubic and hexagonal phases.



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This work was supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) under the JSPS Short-term Invitation Fellowship awarded to Y.J.Y., No. S03714.

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