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Initial susceptibility and viscosity properties of low concentration ε-Fe3N based magnetic fluid


In this paper, the initial susceptibility of ε-Fe3N magnetic fluid at volume concentrations in the range Φ = 0.0 0.0446 are measured. Compared with the experimental initial susceptibility, the Langevin, Weiss and Onsager susceptibility were calculated using the data obtained from the low concentration ε-Fe3N magnetic fluid samples. The viscosity of the ε-Fe3N magnetic fluid at the same concentrations is measured. The result shows that, the initial susceptibility of the low concentration ε-Fe3N magnetic fluid is proportional to the concentration. A linear relationship between relative viscosity and the volume fraction is observed when the concentration Φ < 0.02.



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This work was supported by the national 863 project (No: 2002AA302608), from the Ministry of Science and Technology, China.

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