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Figure 6

From: Fluorescence Modified Chitosan-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for High-Efficient Cellular Imaging

Figure 6

Flow cytometric analysis of SMMC-7721 cells when incubated with different dosages (1.93 μg (b), 3.86 μg (c), 7.72 μg (d), 15.44 μg (e) and 30.88 μg (f)) of FITC-CS@MNPs. In control experiments, medium having no particle was used (a). The mean fluorescence intensity of FITC-CS@MNPs labeled cells was noted below the line and the percentage of labeled cells was noted above the line. The number of positively labeling cells (defined as the fluorescence value >101) was represented as the percentage of total counting cells in each panel. The histogram showed that there was the percentage of labeled cells under different dosage of FITC-CS@MNPs

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