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Figure 2

From: LiMn2O4–yBr y Nanoparticles Synthesized by a Room Temperature Solid-State Coordination Method

Figure 2

XRD patterns of LiMn2O4–yBr y : (A) LiMn2O4calcinated at 600 °C; (B) LiMn2O4calcinated at 700 °C; (C) LiMn2O4calcinated at 800 °C; (D) LiMn2O3.95Br0.05calcinated at 600 °C; (E) LiMn2O3.95Br0.05calcinated at 700 °C; (F) LiMn2O3.95Br0.05calcinated at 800 °C; (G) LiMn2O3.90Br0.10calcinated at 600 °C; (H) LiMn2O3.90Br0.10calcinated at 700 °C; (I) LiMn2O3.90Br0.10calcinated at 800 °C

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