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Table 1 Average residual reflectivity calculated by the Eq. 1for measured reflectance of bare silicon, 69.1 nm silicon nitride deposited on silicon, 69.1 nm silicon nitride and 56 nm MgF2double layer deposited on silicon and 140–150 nm silicon nitride SWS fabricated on silicon

From: Fabrication of Antireflective Sub-Wavelength Structures on Silicon Nitride Using Nano Cluster Mask for Solar Cell Application

Structure Average residual reflectivity,Rav(%)
Silicon 35.61
Silicon nitride SLARC 11.22
Silicon nitride/MgF2DLARC 7.64
Silicon nitride SWS 4.28
  1. SLARC Single layer anti-reflective coating,DLARC Double layer anti-reflective coating,SWS Sub-wavelength structure