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Figure 3

From: Morphology and Photoluminescence of HfO2Obtained by Microwave-Hydrothermal

Figure 3

a Low magnification FEG-SEM micrograph of several rice-like HfO2nanostructures obtained by MH at 140 °C for 1 h;b, c High magnification FEG-SEM micrographs of a group of rice-like nanostructures;d, e Low magnification TEM micrographs of aggregated HfO2nanostructures; Inset in (e) shows the EDXS spectrum of HfO2nanostructures; andf HR-TEM micrograph of an individual nanoparticle selected in (e) (black rectangle). Inset in (f) show the corresponding Fourier-transform obtained on this region

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