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Figure 3

From: Cytotoxicity Effects of Different Surfactant Molecules Conjugated to Carbon Nanotubes on Human Astrocytoma Cells

Figure 3

Epifluorescence microscopy of human astrocytoma cells exposed to CNT/DNA-Cy5 conjugates:a phase contrast image;b merged image of the phase contrast and Cy5 images;c CNT/DNA-Cy5 (red) fluorescence image; andd merged image of the CNT/DNA-Cy5 and DAPI-stained cells (blue). The concentration of the CNT/DNA-Cy5 was 2 μg/mL. Images demonstrate that nanotube/DNA conjugates (red) can enter astrocytoma cells and were localized in the cytoplasm. Uptake of the nanotube/DNA conjugate did not affect cell proliferation and viability. The nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue). All images were acquired at 1,000× magnification.Scale bar: 50 μm

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