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Figure 1

From: Fabrication and Properties of Ag-nanoparticles Embedded Amorphous Carbon Nanowire/CNT Heterostructures

Figure 1

SEM images of CNTs doped by energetic Ag ions at different doses; a Cross-sectional image of as-grown CNT array; b Cross-sectional image of the nanoarray doped at 3 × 1016 cm−2; c Cross-sectional image of the nanoarray doped at 1 × 1017 cm−2; df are the top morphologies corresponding to samples in a, b and c, respectively. These cross-sectional SEM images of the nanoarray show well-aligned structures before and after ion implantation. Ag ion implantation with lower dose induces lot of changes in the top microstructures of nanoarrays. However, high-dose ion implantation makes carbon nanonet to be formed

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