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Figure 1

From: Excitation Intensity Driven PL Shifts of SiGe Islands on Patterned and Planar Si(001) Substrates: Evidence for Ge-rich Dots in Islands

Figure 1

a and b 3 × 3 μm AFM micrographs measured on uncapped samples (6 ML at T Ge = 690°C) grown on a e-beam patterned Si(001) (pit-period = 400 nm) and b on planar Si(001). The color scale depicts the local surface slope with respect to (001). c PL spectra (P exc = 2.6 W/cm2) of capped islands (6 ML at T Ge = 700°C) grown on holographically patterned Si(001) (red) and planar Si(001) (black) substrates. A clear splitting of the NP peak and the TO replica is observed in the PL of ordered islands

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