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Figure 2

From: Morphology Analysis of Si Island Arrays on Si(001)

Figure 2

Local slope maps of the AFM images of Fig. 1 for T g = 650°C (a) and T g = 750°C (c), and their respective in-plane local slope distributions, (b) and (d). The different types of facet planes present in each orientation map are marked schematically by hexagons ((119),~8°), squares ((114),~20°), triangles ((113),~25°) and open circles ((112),~35°); only one from each type is marked. The insets in the right panel show: the Gaussian fit of a spot of the in-plane local slope distribution (upper inset); a zoomed view (taken from (c), T g = 750°C) of a single island local slope map, showing rounded corners connecting facets and with the different facet areas marked (middle inset); topography linescan profiles along two representative pyramids of the AFM images of Fig. 1, i.e. produced at T g = 650 and 750°C (lower inset); the corresponding pyramids appear marked by circles in (a) and (c)

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