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Figure 3

From: Morphology Analysis of Si Island Arrays on Si(001)

Figure 3

Left: island volume analysis for the pyramid arrays of Fig. 1, corresponding to nominally 5-nm thick Si layers grown at a T g = 650°C and b T g = 750°C on Si(001). Emergent volume versus flooding plane height, V e vs. c, computed through the 5 × 5 μm2 images of Fig. 1 (also shown in the insets). Marked on the plots axes are the nominal deposited volume, V 0, (continuous line), same value in both plots; the total pyramids volume, V pyr and the base plane height, c′, for each T g (dashed lines). Right: 3D pictures generated from AFM topography images of the island arrays produced at each T g, in order to highlight the trench formation phenomena. Note the different size of the two images: 1 × 1 μm2 for T g = 650°C and 3 × 3 μm2 for T g = 750°C

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