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Table 1 Photoluminescence lifetimes for La x Gd1–x PO4 Eu3+ and Y x Gd1–x PO4: Eu3+ Nanophosphors

From: Hydrothermal Synthesis, Microstructure and Photoluminescence of Eu3+-Doped Mixed Rare Earth Nano-Orthophosphates

Nanophosphors La0.1Gd0.9PO4 Eu3+ La0.5Gd0.5PO4 Eu3+ La0.9Gd0.1PO4 Eu3+
τ (ms) 1.10 3.43 0.85
Nanophosphors Y0.1Gd0.9PO4 Eu3+ Y0.5Gd0.5PO4 Eu3+ Y0.9Gd0.1PO4 Eu3+
τ (ms) 1.98 1.23 0.38