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Figure 4

From: Biofabrication of Anisotropic Gold Nanotriangles Using Extract of Endophytic Aspergillus clavatus as a Dual Functional Reductant and Stabilizer

Figure 4

The TEM images of gold nanotriangles synthesized by the reduction of 1 mM HAuCl 4 by endophytic A. clavatus (a–b). The inset in (b) shows the histogram analysis for edge-to-edge length of the gold nanotriangles. The different types of edge/tip margins of gold nanotriangles were observed such as sharp-edged triangles (e, h), truncated triangles (c, f, g) and snipped triangles (d), (bar represent 100 nm for a and b, while 50 nm for ch).

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