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Figure 3

From: Size Evolution of Ordered SiGe Islands Grown by Surface Thermal Diffusion on Pit-Patterned Si(100) Surface

Figure 3

(Color online). a Volume distribution of individual ordered grown islands on a pit-patterned Si(100) surface, derived by AFM scans, as a function of the distance, x, from the stripe. Green diamonds represent average values. b Volume distribution of randomly nucleated islands on a flat Si(100) surface without any pit patterning, as a function of the distance from the stripe in case of annealing at 600°C. c Scatter plot of the volume of ordered grown islands as a function of the effective Ge volume within the OL per island, as obtained by integrating the Ge coverage within the capture zone of each island. The green curve is the best linear fitting of the data, and r is the Pearson’s coefficient. The blue square indicates a set of islands at low Ge coverage, far away from the stripe (see scale on top for a coarse indication of the distance), that deviate from the capture zone model, presenting higher volumes with respect to the linear scaling fitting (see text)

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