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Table 4 List of symbols

From: Numerical study of a confined slot impinging jet with nanofluids

Symbol Quantity SI Unit
c p Specific heat J/kg K
H Channel height m
h Heat transfer coefficient W/m2 K
k Turbulent kinetic energy J
L Channel length m
Nu Nusselt number Equation 11
P Pressure Pa
PP Required pumping power W
Pr = ν/a Prandtl number
q Impingement surface heat flux W/m2  
Re Reynolds number Equation 10
T Temperature K
u Velocity component m/s
V ˙ Volume flow rate m3/s
W Jet width m
x, y Spatial coordinates m
Greek symbols
δ Kronecher delta function  
ε Rate of dissipated turbulent  
  thermal energy  
ϕ Nanoparticle concentration  
λ Thermal conductivity W/mK
μ Dynamic viscosity Pa s
ρ Density kg/m3
σ Turbulent Prandtl number  
τ Wall shear stress kg/m
ν Kinematic viscosity m2/s
0 Stagnation point  
a Ambient  
avg Average  
bf Base fluid  
f Fluid  
H Heated  
J Jet  
nf Nanofluid  
p Particle  
t Turbulent