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Figure 4

From: Spin-orbit interaction induced anisotropic property in interacting quantum wires

Figure 4

The dc conductivity dependence of the angle θ. The dc conductivity (in units of e 2 /h) of electron in an infinitely long-interacting QW as a function of the angle θ with a fixed strength of Coulomb interaction g = 0.4 (a) for (001) plane, (c) for (110) plane, where the solid line (red online) is for α = 0.2 and β = 0.4; the dashed line (green online) for α = 0.3 and β = 0.2; and the dotted line (blue online) for α = 0.2 and β = 0.2; (b, d) is the same as (a, c), but with fixed SOI strengths α = 0.2 and β = 0.2 for different strengths of Coulomb interaction. (b) is for (001) plane and (d) for (110) plane, where the dotted line (blue online) corresponds to g = 0.4; the dashed line (green online) to g = 0.6; and the solid line (red online) to g = 0.

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