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Figure 2

From: Graphene on ferromagnetic surfaces and its functionalization with water and ammonia

Figure 2

(Central panel) Photoemission intensity map shows the modification of the valence band of the graphene/Ni(111) system at the Γ point upon adsorption of water molecules (partial water-pressure p = 5 × 10 -8 mbar; t is the deposition time). (Upper panel) Photoemission intensity profiles are shown for several time-points demonstrating the main photoemission features: Ni 3d states, graphene π states, and water-induced states (I and II). (Right panel) Photoemission intensity profiles as a function of water deposition time (t) taken at particular binding energies: red solid line, blue solid circles, and green open squares show intensity profiles at 7, 8.3, and 10 eV of the binding energies, respectively.

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