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Table 1 Previous works on electrical explosion of wires

From: Optimal synthesis and characterization of Ag nanofluids by electrical explosion of wires in liquids

Reference Material Condition Control parameter Average size
Karioris and Fish [20] Au, Ag, Al, Cu, Fe, W, Mo, Ni, Th, U, Pt, Mg, Pb, Sn, Ta Air Capacitance 30-50 nm
    Applied voltage  
    Wire mass  
    Ambient gas  
Couchman[21] Al, Ni, Au, Pt Air   10 nm
Phalen [22] Ag Air Voltage: 0-30 kV 0.3 μm
Cho [23] Ag Water   <100 nm
Park [24] Ag Water One-step 88.8 nm