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Figure 3

From: Transport through a strongly coupled graphene quantum dot in perpendicular magnetic field

Figure 3

Evolution of Coulomb peaks under the influence of a magnetic field in different gate voltage regimes ( V b = 200 μ V). (a) More on the hole side. (b) More on the electron side. In contrast to (a) V rg = -2.15 V is applied to the right gate in (b). The effect of the right gate to the dot is taken into account in the back gate scale to allow comparison with Figure 1b. (c, d) Reproducibility of the measurement for different magnetic field sweep directions (0-7 T in (c), 7-0 T in (d)). The right side gate is changed according to V rg = -0.57·V bg - 1.59 V (see Figure 2), with an applied bias of V b = 200 μ V.

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