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Table 1 Nanopowders used for the preparation of nanofluids

From: Stability and rheology of dilute TiO2-water nanofluids

Powder Mineral Source Density (g cm-3) Max. size (nm)
A1 TiO2 anatase Aldrich 3.90 25
A2 TiO2 anatase ICPFa 3.90 40
A3 TiO2 anatase ICPFa 3.90 20
R1 TiO2 rutile Aldrich 4.17 100
R2 TiO2 rutile Prechezab 4.17 100
  1. aICPF - nanopowder for photocatalytic application supplied by Department of Catalysis of ICPF ASCR, Prague
  2. bPrecheza - commercial pigment, produced by Prerov Chemical Works, Czech Republic