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Figure 4 | Nanoscale Research Letters

Figure 4

From: Generating and measuring the anisotropic elastic behaviour of Co thin films with oriented surface nano-strings on micro-cantilevers

Figure 4

Resonant frequencies of two simultaneously Co coated MCLs: anisotropic elasticity of the films. (a) (Top) Resonant frequencies for the PA-MCL: νo representing the resonant frequency before the coating process and ν(CPA-MCL) representing the resonant frequency after the Co coating process with deposition time t = 4 min. ν2 (CPA-MCL)o 2 = 0.9778. (Bottom) Resonant frequencies for the simultaneously coated PE-MCL: νo representing the resonant frequency prior to the coating process and ν(CPE-MCL) representing the resonant frequency after the coating process; ν2 (CPE-MCL)o 2 = 0.9864. (b) Resonant frequencies of the two simultaneously coated MCLs coated consecutively for 4 min: that is, for a total deposition time of 8 min. ν2 (CPA-MCL)o 2 = 0.9532 and ν2 (CPE-MCL)o 2 = 0.9768. Note the significant difference between the PA-MCL and PE-MCL ratios for the two cases and the difference between these results and those displayed in Figure 2.

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