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Figure 4

From: CMOS-compatible dense arrays of Ge quantum dots on the Si(001) surface: hut cluster nucleation, atomic structure and array life cycle during UHV MBE growth

Figure 4

STM images of Ge WL on Si(001): (a) h Ge = 5.4 Å (U s = +1.80 V, I t = 100 pA) and (b) h Ge = 6.0 Å (U s = +2.50 V, I t = 80 pA). Examples of characteristic features are numbered as follows: nuclei of pyramids (1) and wedges (2) [1 ML high over WL], small pyramids (3) and wedges (2) [2 ML high over WL, a Γ-like wedge [18] is observed in the image (a)], 3 ML high pyramids (5) and wedges (6).

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