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Table 1 Predicted dug absorption (at C max) versus in vivo data (Wagner-Nelson equation) based on the surface area model

From: Investigation of utilization of nanosuspension formulation to enhance exposure of 1,3-dicyclohexylurea in rats: Preparation for PK/PD study via subcutaneous route of nanosuspension drug delivery

Dose/Drug absorbed in mg (impact by surface area only) In vivo(Wagner-Nelson equation) mg Predicted (mg) Total surface area of the drug dose (cm2) Absorption efficiency (AE) mg/cm2
3 mg/kg (regular suspension) 0.02 0.02 2.08 E0 9.0E-6
10 mg/kg (nano suspension) 0.84 1.01 1.38 E2 7.2 E-6
30 mg/kg (nano suspension) 1.11 3.03 4.15 E2 2.6E-6