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Figure 6

From: Integrated nanophotonic hubs based on ZnO-Tb(OH)3/SiO2 nanocomposites

Figure 6

Enhancement on the stimulated emission of Tb(OH) 3 /SiO 2 PCs by using ZnO nanowires. CL spectra of only Tb(OH)3/SiO2 PCs (solid line) and ZnO nanotips-Tb(OH)3/SiO2 PCs (dotted line) taken at an electron acceleration voltage of 20 keV. Inset is the optical image of rice paddy-like ZnO-Tb(OH)3/SiO2 PCs nanocomposites. White regions denote the Tb(OH)3/SiO2 PCs with ZnO nanowires. (b) Emission spectra of Tb(OH)3/SiO2 PCs with and without SnO2 nanowires under the excitation current of 8 × 10-9 A. Inset is the emission intensity of Tb(OH)3/SiO2 with SnO2 nanowires vs excitation current.

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