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Table 3 Summary of short-circuit current density, open-circuit voltage, fill factor, and maximum power density for samples A (as-grown QDs without AlAs layer), B (as-grown QDs with AlAs layer), C (annealed QDs without AlAs layer), and D (annealed QDs with AlAs layer)

From: Improvement of performance of InAs quantum dot solar cell by inserting thin AlAs layers

  Sample A Sample B Sample C Sample D
Short-circuit current density (mA/cm2) -5.65 -5.56 -7.00 -5.26
Open-circuit voltage (V) 0.617 0.642 0.475 0.540
Fill factor 0.671 0.696 0.524 0.631
Maximum power density (V M J M) 2.340 2.484 1,743 1,791