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Table 1 Simulated result of RMS roughness of every layer of RTD-1, RTD-2, and RTD-3

From: Effect of self-assembled InAs islands on the interfacial roughness of optical-switched resonant tunneling diode

   AlAs DBL InGaAs-strained layer InAs QDs layer InGaAs capping layer AlAs UBL
RMS (nm) RTD-1 0.15 0.19    0.31
  RTD-2 0.18 0.14 6.05 0.28 0.76
  RTD-3 0.17 0.15 4.62 0.17 0.18
  1. DBL, down barrier layer; QD, quantum dot, UBL, up barrier layer; RMS, root mean square, RTD, resonant tunneling diode.