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Table 2 Effects of incorporating MWNTs on the electron transport properties of fabricated cells

From: Enhancing performance of ZnO dye-sensitized solar cells by incorporation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes

Electrode composition Charge-transfer resistance at the ZnO/electrolyte interface [Rk] (ohm) Electron transport resistance in the ZnO network [Rw] (ohm) Ratio of Rk to Rw Mean electron lifetime (ms) Electron diffusion coefficient in the photoanode (10-4 cm2 s-1×) Effective electron diffusion length (micrometer)
ZnO 50.17 6.49 7.73 10.30 4.80 22.2
ZnO/0.01 wt% O-MWNT 27.15 1.39 19.53 6.85 18.25 35.4
ZnO/0.01 wt% acid-MWNT 41.56 3.62 11.48 8.00 9.18 27.1
  1. The thickness of the ZnO or ZnO/MWNT film was 8 μm.