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Figure 4

From: Amorphous silicon nanocone array solar cell

Figure 4

The current density-voltage characteristics. Solar cells with 200-nm thick planar-a-Si:H film, 200-nm thick a-Si:H nanocone, 200-nm thick a-Si:H nanocone with 10-min H2 plasma treatment, and 200-nm thick a-Si:H nanocone and additional 10-nm a-SiH layer after 10 min H2 plasma treatment. (a) Photovoltaic properties under AM 1.5 G light illumination (PI/N+ planar cell, circle with center dot; P/I nanocone/N+, red square; P/I nanocone + H2 plasma/N+, green circle; P/I nanocone + H2 plasma + 10 nm/N+, blue square) and (b) under dark condition (PI/N+, black square; P/I nanocone/N+, red circle; P/I nanocone/H2 plasma/N+, green triangle; P/I nanocone/H2 plasma/i (10 nm)/N+, blue inverted triangle).

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