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Figure 2

From: Epitaxial deposition of silver ultra-fine nano-clusters on defect-free surfaces of HOPG-derived few-layer graphene in a UHV multi-chamber by in situ STM, ex situ XPS, and ab initio calculations

Figure 2

STM image of Ag adatoms. (a) High resolution STM image of Ag adatoms on HOPG (1.5 mV, 1.7 nA). (b) An image of a cluster of Ag adatoms showing the adsoption sites on HOPG. The superimposed hexagon illustrates the location of B-type (black circles) and A-type (open circle) carbon atom arrangement on HOPG. (c) 3-D view of the image in (b). A line scan (d) along the line in (b) shows the variation in height of the C atoms and Ag adatoms.

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