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Figure 3

From: Graphite flake self-retraction response based on potential seeking

Figure 3

Depiction of the top flake orignally at position I that is moved to position II. Depiction of the top flake originally at position I that is moved to position II some x-y distance away and rotated by an angle φ to the x-axis. The flake is then allowed to perform a series of potential searches at the vicinity of the center of the flake about ± δ x, ± δ y, and ± δφ for sequential next position and orientation retraction that ends a rest position III. The parameters tracked are the center-to-center distance between positions I and III (AC), the angular displacement of the center-to-center positions of I and III (α), the center-to-center displacement between II and III (B,C), and the angular displacement at position III relative to the horizontal (θ).

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