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Table 3 45-nm process propagation delay computation between CNTFET (with and without interconnect) and MOSFET (post-layout simulation)

From: Device and circuit-level performance of carbon nanotube field-effect transistor with benchmarking against a nano-MOSFET

Logic circuits CNTFET with 45-nm process design guidelines MOSFET with 45-nm process
  Delay without interconnects Delay with 5-μm interconnect Delay (post-layout simulation)
  Propagation delay, Propagation delay, Propagation delay,
   t p(ps)  t p(ps)  t p(ps)
NOT 0.14 9.277 5.005
NAND2 0.39 12.97 8.719
NAND3 0.61 16.87 11.343
NOR2 0.47 12.98 8.797
NOR3 0.50 16.48 11.655