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Erratum to: Investigation of phase composition and nanoscale microstructure of high-energy ball-milled MgCu sample

Nanoscale Research Letters20138:186

Received: 18 April 2013

Accepted: 18 April 2013

Published: 23 April 2013

The original article was published in Nanoscale Research Letters 2012 7:390


In the Methods section of our published article [1], the evolution of grain size and microstrain in the Mg and Cu is estimated using the single-line method of diffraction line-broadening analysis. However, a very important reference is omitted, and this method founder’s publication should be cited here [2].

Moreover, the experimental results contained in this paper were obtained by the first author in cooperation with Dr. U. Welzel, Dr. E. Bischoff and Prof. Dr. E.J. Mittemeijer (all Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems) during the stay of the first author in the department of Prof. Dr. Mittemeijer. Thus the authors would like to express our gratitude to them in the Acknowledgements section of this published article [1].


Authors’ Affiliations

Tianjin Key Laboratory of Composite and Functional Materials, School of Materials Science & Engineering, Tianjin University


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  2. de Keijser TH, Langford JI, Mittemeijer EJ, Vogels ABP: Use of the Voigt function in a single-line method for the analysis of X-ray diffraction line broadening. J Appl Cryst 1982, 15: 308–314. 10.1107/S0021889882012035View ArticleGoogle Scholar


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