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Table 1 Influence of electroactive interferents on glucose response at PPY/GOx/SWCNTs-PhSO 3 /PB/Pt electrode

From: Functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes/polypyrrole composites for amperometric glucose biosensors

Interferent Concentration (physiological normal, mM) iGlu + interf/iGluaat E= 0 V
Ascorbic acid 0.2 1.07
Acetaminophen 0.1 1.05
Uric acid 0.5 1.03
  1. aiGlu is the response current to 2 mM glucose; iGlu + interf is the response current to 2 mM glucose in presence of interferent at physiological normal concentration. Results are obtained at the operation potential of 0 V.