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Table 1 Gelation behaviors of the cholesteryl derivatives at room temperature

From: Spacer effect on nanostructures and self-assembly in organogels via some bolaform cholesteryl imide derivatives with different spacers

Solvents CH-C1 CH-C2 CH-C3 CH-C4 CH-N1
n-Propanol PS PS PS PS S
Isopropanol S PS PS PS S
n-Butanol PS S PS PS S
n-Pentanol PS PS PS PS S
Isopentanol PS PS PS PS PS
Isooctanol G (1.5) S PS PS S
Acetone PS PS PS S PS
Cyclopentanone S PS PS PS S
Cyclohexanone S PS G (2.0) S S
n-Hexane G (1.5) PS PS PS S
1,4-Dioxane G (1.5) PS G (2.0) S S
Benzene S PS PS S PS
Toluene S PS PS S S
Nitrobenzene G (1.5) PS G (1.5) G (1.5) S
Aniline G (1.5) PS PS G (2.0) S
Ethanolamine I I I I S
Ethyl acetate PS PS G (2.0) S S
n-Butyl acrylate PS PS PS G (2.0) S
Acetonitrile PS PS S S S
Pyridine S PS S S G (2.5)
Petroleum ether PS PS G (2.0) S PS
DMF PS PS G (1.5) G (1.5) S
  1. DMF, dimethylformamide; THF, tetrahydrofuran; S, solution; PS, partially soluble; G, gel; I, insoluble. For gels, the critical gelation concentrations at room temperature are shown in parentheses, (w/v)%.