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Table 1 Quantum yield, integrated intensity, optical density, and refractive index of the BSB-Me

From: Preparation of 1,4-bis(4-methylstyryl)benzene nanocrystals by a wet process and evaluation of their optical properties

  Quantum yield (Q),% Integrated intensity (I)b Optical density (OD) at λ = 324 nmc Refractive index (n) at 20°C
BSB-Me dissolved in dichloromethane (1 μM) 95 ± 1a 528,826 0.045 1.42
BSB-Me nanocrystal water dispersion (2 μM) 9.2 ± 0.1 58,884 0.045 1.33
  1. aThe data was obtained from Table one of reference [6]. bThe data was obtained from Figure 7 (a and b). cThe data was obtained from Figure 7 inset (c and d).