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Figure 1

From: Synthesis and structure of undoped and indium-doped thermoelectric lead telluride nanoparticles

Figure 1

XRD patterns of undoped and In-doped PbTe samples. (a) XRD patterns of the as-prepared undoped PbTe samples synthesized without surfactants for 24 h: PbTe-1 at 140°C in ethanol solution, PbTe-2 at 140°C in water/glycerol solution, PbTe-3 at 200°C in ethanol, and PbTe-4 at 200°C in water/glycerol solution. (b) XRD pattern of In-doped PbTe samples synthesized at 140°C for 24 h: In005PbTe, In01PbTe, In015PbTe, and In02PbTe synthesized in water/glycerol solution.

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