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Figure 5

From: Phytosynthesis of nanoparticles: concept, controversy and application

Figure 5

Penetration of nanoparticles into the first cell layer surrounding the pith cavity. (A) Phase contrast image of the parenchymatic cells (P) closer to the pith cavity (PC). The nanoparticle aggregates on the application surface appear as an optically dense material (arrows). (B) Transmission electron micrograph of the region squared in (A). Nanoparticle aggregates appear in the cell wall facing the pith cavity (arrows) and into the cytoplasm of the first cell layer (arrow head). (C) High magnification of the region squared in (B). The intracellular aggregate is smaller than the extracellular one in the pith cavity. Bar in (A) = 40 μm, (B) = 2 μm, (C) = 1 μm [105].

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