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Figure 6

From: BRCAA1 antibody- and Her2 antibody-conjugated amphiphilic polymer engineered CdSe/ZnS quantum dots for targeted imaging of gastric cancer

Figure 6

PQD-antibody probes for targeted imaging of in vitro MGC803 cells. (a- d) Bright-field and fluorescence images of gastric cancer MGC803 cell line; the cells were incubated at 4°C with PQD-antibody probes (BRCAA1 and Her2) in 1% BSA overnight (similarly hereinafter), excited with 450 and 510 nm for Her2 and BRCAA1 probes, respectively, and exposure time was 15 s. (e- h) Bright-field and fluorescence images of human fetal gastric epithelial GES-1 cell line; fluorescence exposure time was 60 s. Scale bars are 25 μm.

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