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Figure 7

From: BRCAA1 antibody- and Her2 antibody-conjugated amphiphilic polymer engineered CdSe/ZnS quantum dots for targeted imaging of gastric cancer

Figure 7

Confocal micrographs of MGC803 cell target-labeled with the BRCAA1-antibody PQD probes. (a) Bright field, (b) cytoplasm labeled by PQDs, (c) nucleus stained by DAPI, (d) cosituated picture of cells and fluorescence. (a-d) Scale bars are 25 μm. (e) Z/X- and Z/Y-sections reconstructed from a confocal series through representative cells. (f) Three-dimensional reconstruction of representative cells. (e-f) Scale bar represents 5 μm. Fourteen sections of 990 nm were taken for each series, and Z-sections were reconstructed with Imaris™ software. Z-sections were taken at a line running through the midpoint of the XY plane.

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