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Table 2 Morbidity, mortality and gross pathology results of sub-acute toxicity study in rats after repeated oral doses

From: Toxicity evaluation of zinc aluminium levodopa nanocomposite via oral route in repeated dose study

Group Dose (mg/kg) body weight Toxicity sign t/n Mortality d/a Gross pathology l/nl
ZALH 500 0/8 0/8 0/8
ZALL 5 0/8 0/8 0/8
ZAH 500 0/8 0/8 0/8
ZAL 5 0/8 0/8 0/8
VC 0 (vehicle) 0/8 0/8 0/8
  1. Based on the doses used, no rats showed any clinical toxicity sign, no death was recorded, and no obvious gross pathology seen on the organs observed. Data are expressed as means ± SD, n = 8. t/n (toxic/normal), d/a (dead/alive), l/nl (lesion/no lesion). ZALH, zinc aluminium levodopa nanocomposite high dose; ZALL, zinc aluminium levodopa nanocomposite low dose; ZAH, zinc aluminium nanocomposite high dose; ZAL, zinc aluminium nanocomposite low dose; VC, vehicle control.