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Figure 4

From: Well-ordered polymer nano-fibers with self-cleaning property by disturbing crystallization process

Figure 4

FE-SEM micrographs for PTFE/PPS coatings via uniform cooling processes. FE-SEM micrographs with different magnifications of surface microstructures of PTFE/PPS superhydrophobic coating cured at 390°C for 1.5 h and then quenched in air-atmosphere cooling conditions (Q1 coating) (a ×2,000, b ×10,000, c ×30,000) and in -60°C low temperature uniform cooling medium (Q2 coating) (d ×2,000, e ×10,000, f ×30,000). The continuous zone of the coatings is marked with red circles while the discontinuous zone is marked with red ellipse. The insets show the behavior of water droplets on their surfaces: (a) WCA = 158° and (d) WCA = 153°.

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