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Table 1 BAC model parameters for In y Ga 1- y N x As 1- x

From: Optical absorption of dilute nitride alloys using self-consistent Green’s function method

Parameter Symbol Values
N energy E N 0 1.706(1-y)+1.44y-0.38y(1-y) (eV)
N-N energy E N N 0 1.486(1-y)+1.44y-0.38y(1-y) (eV)
dE N /dT a N -2.5×10-4 (eV/K)
dE NN /dT a NN -2.5×10-4 (eV/K)
dE N /dx γ N -0.22 (eV)
dE NN /dx γ NN -0.22 (eV)
dE c /dx γ x -2.1 eV
N interaction β N 1.97(1-y)+2y-3.5y(1-y) (eV)
N-N interaction β NN 2.69(1-y)+2y-3.5y(1-y) (eV)
Energy gap E c 0 Eg,GaAs-1.33y+0.27y2 (eV)