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Table 2 GaN x Sb 1- x parameters at room temperature

From: Optical absorption of dilute nitride alloys using self-consistent Green’s function method

Parameter Symbol Values
Lattice constant [19] a 0 6.09593 (Å)
Electron effective mass [19]   
Conduction m c 0.039(m0)
Light hole m l 0.0439(m0)
Heavy hole m h 0.25(m0)
Split-off m so 0.12(m0)
SO splitting energy Δ so 0.76 (eV)
Energy gap [20] E g 0.725 (eV)
Refractive index [19] n r 3.8
N energy [17] E N 0 0.82-2.3 x (eV)
N-N energy [17] E N N 0 0.48-2.3 x (eV)
N interaction [17] β N 2.4 (eV)
N-N interaction [17] β NN 3.39 (eV)