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Figure 4

From: Controlled morphology and optical properties of n-type porous silicon: effect of magnetic field and electrode-assisted LEF

Figure 4

Top and cross-sectional micrographs of nPS samples fabricated using e-LEMF setup. Effect of MF at locations close the anode and cathode: (a-b) 30 V and 60 mT for 10 min, (c-d) 30 V and 80 mT for 10 min, (e-f) 50 V and 60 mT for 3 min, (g-h) 50 V and 80 mT for 3 min, and (i) cross-sectional and top image of the n++ sample etched applying a lateral current of 150 mA and 60 mT for 2.5 min.

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