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Figure 4

From: SERS active silver nanoparticles synthesized by inkjet printing on mesoporous silicon

Figure 4

Solvent effect on NPs morphology. Left: FESEM images of silver nanoparticles obtained printing AgNO3 2.5 10-2 M (1 to 2) water-ethanol ink, 4 and 6 passes (3 to 4) water/DMSO/ethanol ink, 4 and 6 passes. Center: UV-vis specular reflectance spectra showing the LSPRs dips of the lines printed with the WE and WDE inks (6 passes). The dashed line indicates the excitation laser wavelength at 514.5 nm used in the Raman experiment. Right: SERS spectra of Cy5 (10-6 M) adsorbed on the same lines.

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