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Figure 5 | Nanoscale Research Letters

Figure 5

From: pH-triggered conduction of amine-functionalized single ZnO wire integrated on a customized nanogap electronic platform

Figure 5

pH-triggered I - V curves for the amine-functionalized ZnO-gold junctions. (a) Experimentally recorded in neutral conditions (red line) and after addition of HCl at pH 5 (straight blue line), pH 4 (dot blue line), and pH 3 (dash-dot blue line). (b) I-V in neutral (black) and acidic (red) conditions of the unfunctionalized ZnO-gold junction. (c) Simulated I-V. (d) ATK schemes of the ZnO-NH2 material on the gold electrodes before (ZnO-NH2) and after acid protonation (ZnO-NH3+).

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